About Institute

About the department:

With changing time, there is a demand of changing the society. Hence, the enhancement of the lifestyle is needed. To have better a lifestyle we need homes where a person can relax peacefully, offices with energetic environment, delightful stores. Thus, we need better homes, offices, stores, hospitals, institutes, etc. The institute of Dayanad Technical Education Society has always been on the forefront for imparting education in all disciplinary. Therefore, a new department came into being, The Department of Dayanad College of Interior Designing (DCID).

The department of DCID aims at delivering the best education in the field of interior designing and fabricating creative and sensible interior designers. The department believes in trainingthe students in three important skill sets-artistic and technical skills, interpersonal skills and management skills.

DCID highly advocates the difference between the design and decoration. Thus, the curriculum comprises much more beyond aesthetics. Along with aesthetic tools, students are taught here about the functional tools, human comforts. Students here are made technically sound by enormous site visits, market surveys, workshops, etc conducted. DCID aims at holistic development of students.

We challenge pupils to develop their talents and broaden their interest in interior design; to become confident in themselves and to be tolerant and appreciative of others  in the field of interior

·  To provide a flourishing co-educational environment for boarding and day pupils;

·  To deliver a modern and stimulating academic curriculum;

·   To prepare pupils for excellent professionals in less period

·  To preserve and strengthen the college’s close tradition.

·  To provide comprehensive pastoral care and guidance under the leadership of dedicated staff;

·  To offer a wide range of co-curricular activities to maximise the individual potential of each pupil;

·  To foster moral and spiritual values, tolerance and understanding in every pupil;

·  To develop a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to the community;

·  To further genuine awareness, understanding and co-operation between college pupils and staff and its wider communities.